“Live and Uncut” Episode #10 – Road to the Palace.

I’ve been trying to think over the last few days of how to write this blog. Its been hard to get the right feel for the program, but here goes…
Hy Money on the touchline... Where she always wanted to be.
Hy Money on the touchline… Where she always wanted to be.

Episode #10, ‘Road to the Palace’, which went out a little later than scheduled on Friday evening, was with Hy Money. A female photographer who battled against all possible discrimination you could think of especially in the male dominated game of sports photography in the 70’s and 80’s.

At the age of 19 she was given a one way ticket to the UK for a better life. Along with the ticket her mother gave her a box brownie camera, telling her to take a photograph of Buckingham Palace, so that she could show her friends that her daughter had made it ‘Home”. Hy traveled on Christmas day and to say the least didn’t get a very decent welcome!

Well, that was just the start for Hy and to be honest that’s how life continued for her for a number of years. But what will come across in this interview is a determination that she would never be beaten, especially when she had found her passion in sports photography, initially gaining a freelance access to the touchline at Crystal Palace FC and then with an NUJ ticket/photographers pass, to subsequent sports events where she was not welcomed as one of the profession but considered a ‘women’ – ‘that dammed women’ – to be precise.

This life story doesn’t paint a very eloquent picture I’m afraid. Except to say that, Hy comes across as having an inspirational quality, one that should be used/copied by anyone who is being bullied or finding life a struggle in more ways than one.

It was an honour to have Hy on my show and I hope you enjoy it as well…

Lots to learn from!

Until next time…

Leave your camera bag at home!

All the links for you are here

Link to the show… ‘Live and Uncut’ – The Road to the Palace

Link to Hy Money… On Facebook     or Hyacinth Daniels.. On Facebook

Website for Hy Money… www.hymoney.co.uk

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/RNcbjy


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