Why not print your work?

Its important to note that when you have taken a photograph the image should not reside in your computer, iPad or iPhone, they deserve to be printed. Theres nothing like seeing and holding a print that you have created and edited to your desired effect.

Getting the print right though is a major problem for some photographers. The right printer, the right inks and the correct way to process and edit the image so that it prints correctly can be a minefield.

To start with I found this very difficult to achieve what I wanted the prints to look like. A lot of the time they looked great on the screen but when printed they didn’t quite meet the standard I was looking to achieve. Especially when the prints were going to be judged and marked at my local Photo club.

Then I came across Martin Bailey. (http://www.martinbaileyphotography.com/) An Englishman based in Tokyo that had been making weekly podcasts for, well, a long time. He is about to present his 400th podcast. When it comes to printing there isn’t much that he doesn’t know, if at all! His book published through Craft and Vision called Making the Print (http://craftandvision.com/collections/all/products/making-the-print) opened my eyes to successful prints and as it turned out good scores at my Photo club, with simple to understand instruction and insight into what you can achieve.

For those of you that are interested in printing your work for family and friends or even if you think you can sell your work, then this book is a must buy.

Photography is all about showing the image and the story that you have created. Don’t leave it in the camera, iPhone, iPad or the computer. Show them off and with this excellent easy to follow book your images will be stunning!


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