Why I sold my Nikon Kit. Part 2.

I’ve been a Nikon owner since 1979 when I bought the Nikon EM. Nikon make good cameras and have an extensive quality range of lenses, so why did I sell all my Nikon gear? If you had asked me two months ago , what is your “go to” camera? I would of said the Nikon 1 V1 with the 10-30 mm lens. So what happened?

I really enjoyed using the V1, but a few things started to bug me. It was not the sensor size, no this camera can produce stunning A3 prints! It was what the menu offered me. No auto bracketing, I found it was a pain to manual focus, no aperture ring on the lenses and start up times after the Nikon 1 went to standby was slow and annoying and the overriding factor was the camera was just too small in my hands. I had bought the 30-110mm lens because I thought that I might need it for sports photography… I didn’t, because well I don’t do sports photography now! I liked the 18.5/1.8mm lens.. now this is a classic lens, absolutely brilliant, superb bokeh images that I saw from fellow Nikon 1 users, I bought it, but something wasn’t right with my photography. My equipment was getting in the way of my image making – I had too much!

So, why didn’t I just choose one of the cameras from my kit with the one lens (18-55mm – probably) and sell all the rest?

Well, firstly the majority of my kit was old. My D50 although a great camera with a good 18-55mm lens, produced some really decent images, but it was only a 6mp camera. My D200 (10mp) also produced some fantastic images with my 16-85mm and 50mm lens, but it was hardly a street photographers tool, because, frankly it was too heavy! The V1, again produced some cracking images using the 10-30, 18.5 and 30-110mm lenses. Light and easy to handle (to a degree) not that it was heavy but, as I said in my previous blog the camera and equipment were starting to get in the way! I was somehow unsure of what I was taking and using!

Photography has come back to me, using the Fuji X-E1 and the kit lens. I’m not thinking, “am I using the best/right lens for what I want to take?”, and amazingly what I have found after my recent cruise to the Norwegian Fjords I have slowed down in the number of images I’m taking. Strange that… Could it be that I feel like I’m using a 35mm camera with film in!

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