My photography confusion. Part 1.

Well I’ve been considering this for some time. When why and how have I become confused with my photography?
It’s taken some time to realise this but for me the simple answer is, it is the equipment. We are bombarded nearly every day of the value of this new camera and this new lens. How many times do we all go out and buy a new cameras with a lens only to think in a short time after that to start thinking of getting another lens, which usually is a telephoto lens because we can’t get close enough? And this is where I think the problems start.
The bag starts to get heavier we can’t make our minds up what to take out so we take it all! – and when we are shooting we can’t make our minds up what to use, the kit lens, the 28mm prime or the telephoto lens. It all starts to get very confusing.
Take yourself back to when you first got your camera and lens. Look at the images that you took. What do you think, are your images better then, than now with more kit?
Now to my way of thinking, and my experience I can only say that with the one camera and one lens that I initially bought, I think my photography is better than when I added more lenses. I’m sure this is linked to making yourself to be more selective of image making and not thinking what would this image look like if I changed lenses. In the end the camera and equipment start to get in the way of your image making.
Choosing the right lens for you, is obviously dependent on the style of your photography. For sports action you need a telephoto lens with a top end focal length of 300mm. For landscape the majority of the time you will need a lens with a range from 10-55mm and for street photography the ideal focal length is 28/35mm.
My style of photography tends to lean toward abstracts street and creating manipulated images, so taking the suggestions in to consideration and an ideal focal range for me would be either 16-50 or 18-55mm.
So my decision has been made, I’ve sold all of my Nikon kit – I won’t detail it here it was a lot, and I have replaced it all with just one camera and one lens. I’ve chosen the Fuji X-E1 with the kit lens 18-55mm.. Back to one camera and one lens – its going to be so refreshing…
I’ll keep you posted…

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