The HDR argument in the UK.

I think it is safe to assume that the argument in the UK about HDR is considered as its a “No goer”, as we are in the UK a pretty much ‘stuffy old lot’ and prefer not to change things. Camera club judges in general dont like it! There seems to be this ‘block’ of understanding it. I suppose that those that have made an HDR image and gone to town on it “Grunged it up” as you would say, have been responsible for the “I dislike it” brigade.
Here are some thoughts that I have had for a long time though about HDR and post editing in general.
1/. It took a long time for colour photography to be “accepted”…
– Even Cartier Bresson was not an advocate of colour!
2/. The advent of the Leica and 35mm photography took a while to catch on…
– Medium format was consider to be “the be all and end all” in photography…
3/. For how long have photographers manipulated images?
– Since Photography was invented!
4/. Do you think Ansel Adams would have liked HDR?
– You bet your life he would. He is/was the most prolific of all image manipulators.
5/. When does art stop and photography start.
– In my opinion now its seamless. HDR, filtration and manipulation (post editing) to an image is artistry.
And long may it continue…

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One thought on “The HDR argument in the UK.

  1. I agree so much , art never had boudaries and never will have , it is an expression that shouts in a languages as diverse as each individual piece , it is not verbal , it is way beyond that simplistic mode and we as the creators evolve with our tools as did caveman , its that basic yet that advanced , we are human and we the more sensitive are the most advanced within our species. , yet I look to Rothko and am filled with emotion , is ours a documentation tool ? am human like you and this is my tool and I am in tune with my environment and do my best with it.

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