@Nikon can take the camera market by storm!

Every now and then you see camera products coming to the market and wishing your favoured product company would do the same…

Recently camera production has seen a proliferation of small cameras that are termed compact DSLR’s or Mirrorless – Olympus OM-D 4/3 and Sony Nex series are two of the main forerunners.

Nikon entered this compact market with the Nikon 1 series but despite its capabilities it hasn’t quite broken through. Canon have also struggled to make a decent foot in this market as well.
But, Canon have just released their latest design the Canon EOS 100D heres the link to the review.

So my favoured camera company, Nikon, what’s your follow up to that?

Well if I may be so bold to say. Why not take the Nikon EM 35mm body that you created in 1979 with great success, make it digital call it the Nikon EM-D and fit it with a full frame sensor. With not so many gizmos as the Nikon 600 or 800 and the D4 and you will break the market.

Small is beautiful and the customer requires it!

Just think a small compact full frame digital SLR using all the fantastic, without question, glass in the F mount range…

Theres a market out there for you +Nikon… Try it out…
#nikon #fullframe #compact

By Artgriffo – Sent from my iPad



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